DDP yoga

Last November, after 11 months of serious back pain, and in tears ready to give up, my hubby showed me this video. I was blown away!!! To see this man who was in a worse condition than me get back to health was so encouraging! I bought the DDP  yoga package a few days later….. Would it work for me? Could this be the thing i needed to get rid of my back pain? Would it make things worse? These were all the questions I had in my mind but I was willing to give it a try.

Since January 2014 after a having a muscle spasm in my lower back ( which came 3 years after falling down the stairs!) I’ve been seeing a chiropractor regularly. Whilst my chiropractor is great,(and I still visit him) I felt like he got my back to about 60% fit- and from there we were maintaining the pain rather than eliminating the pain. I don’t want a life of maintaining this pain, because to be honest it’s almost unbearable and only eased by pain medications which come with a long list of undesirable side affects. The odds don’t look good but I’m not ready to give up yet!

After a few stops and starts I’m currently on Week 6 of Phase 1 of the DDP yoga programme. I’ll be tracking my progress with you on this blog, but for now watch the video below


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  1. I’ve seen that guy’s video before, it’s AMAZING!! Look forward to hearing your journey hon.
    Sending happy-back wishes x


    1. Patrice says:

      Thank you!Your blog def. inspired me!

      Liked by 1 person

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