DDP Week 8

Really didn’t want to exercise today. Really. Didn’t. Want. To. Tried to wait till the kids were in bed but they were doing there best as usual of staying up late. So grumpily I decided to exercise amyway.
Today is the start of Week 8 of my DDP yoga plan, and my first workout for the week was the first workout I did on the programme.  Whilst it wasn’t “easy” I noticed a great improvement in my flexibility and I was able to do the moves alot easier.
My kids started to join in with me…..what better motivation do I need than having my kids around me. What better reason to not give up!? They managed to cheer me up without even trying!


What I really need to work on this week is my eating. “You are what you eat”, “abs are made in the kitchen” etc etc. I think my “not bothered” attitude is really letting me down at the moment. I’m going to start a food journal. I think having to write down what I’ve eaten will make me think twice and give me some accountability.
Let’s see how that goes!


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