Raw till 4?

Sigh…. that’s what I feel like I’ve been doing the most of this last week amd a half.
Half way through week 8 of DDP yoga I had a busy few days at work meaning I was on my feet ALOT. This resulted in horrible back pain (when will I ever learn!) which rendered me pretty useless for the following few days. This however was just the beginning of my week of woes.
A week ago after taking medication for my back pain before bed, I developed serious stomach pains. Horrible. Cramping. Stomach. Pains… I tried to sleep but the pain woke me up. The next morning when I ate breakfast the pain came back. By the end of the day I realised this pain was no linked to me eating. Every time I ate I’d be in pain.

The long story short is the long term use of the painkillers I’ve been taking have produced too much acid in my stomach.  I shouldve been given another medication to protect or ‘coat’ my stomach but that never happened.
(I’ve now been given that medication)

So the past few days have consisted of me eating very small meals and eating ‘raw till 4’ in a bid to help my stomach rest and recover. Lets hope this works.

Its tiring.  Another thing to contend with is no fun. But I must keep going.
On thr plus managed to finally complete week 8 of DDP, so this week onto week 9!


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