A week of progress

This week has definitely been one of progress.  I finally had an X ray on my neck and I’ve been referred to the orthopaedic department in the hopes of finally getting some answers as to what is actually wrong with my back


I’m on day 26 of the Jason Vale 28 day juice fast. After watching Jason Vales documentary ‘Super Juice Me’ (link below) I was inspired to give it a go in a bid to give my stomach a bit of a rest, hoping it would speed up its recovery. I’d definitely recommend that everyone watch the documentary.  I’ll be honest, I’ve missed eating ALOT, but it has definitely helped. I’ve not felt or been sick for the last two weeks. And as a wonderful side effect I lost some weight!  Yay! This week I was finally able to go through my wardrobe and get rid of all my old clothes -I’d wanted to do it for ages-but wanted to fit into my old clothes before throwing the ones I didn’t like anymore out!


I also managed to do a 20 minute walk in the park. I was in a little pain after but thats a definite sign of progess! My chiropractor advised that continual walking is good- its the stopping and started eg supermarket shopping,  that does my back no good.


Im also on my final week of DDP yoga phase one! Will post progress pics in my next post but for sure I know I’m more supple and stronger-looking forward to phase 2!

Lastly I’ve been without pain killers for 3 weeks now. I was so scared of giving them up and whilst I’ve been taking things very easy, most days the pain has been managable. That is definitely a sign of improvement!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sheree says:

    You go girl. .Gipping to visit you guys this year if you can’t make it to us xx


    1. sheree says:

      Not Gipping. .but hoping# auto correct


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