DDP Yoga Phase 1 results

Today is my final day of DDP yoga phase 1! Phase 1 (infact all phases) last 12 weeks, so technically as I started in December, I should have finished in February.  But because of set backs, injuries and lots of starting and stopping I’m only just finishing now.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is not to give up. There were so many times I didn’t FEEL like doing a work out, and being in pain seemed like the perfect reason not to do it, but doing it anyway was the best thing I could’ve done.  There were many occasions when the work out did more for me mentally than physically.  Pushing through even when I didn’t feel like it was tough but totally worth it. Exercise isn’t an option for me anymore, its a must. And even if I do need to take a break  if I’m in too much pain, that’s ok- because as soon as I can I’ll start back again.

Even though I still have quite alot of back pain, theres no denying the physical improvements I’ve made. Im stronger and more flexible and in less pain than when I started. 

This is no quick journey, Ive been in pain for over four years, but so far I give DDP yoga 10/10! Its great for my body and 100% safe for me to do with a bad back. I’m looking forward to starting Phase 2, improving my back strength and overall fitness even more. I can even see abs starting to poke through! ( If I really, really REALLY tense after a workout lol).

So to end take a look a my progress pics!!!!! From  Dec ’14 – April ’15







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