A busy week!

This last week has been so busy!

I had an amazing opportunity to go to the House of Lords with the Princes Trust for a special champagne dinner. The aim of the event was to encourage old and new sponsors to donate to the Princes Trust. I got to meet alot interesting and successful people and left feeling very inspired. The food was very fun too- I felt like I was on MasterChef! We wernt allowed to take any pics but I took a few sneaky ones…



The view overlooking the Thames was stunning!
The Princes Trust are very close to my heart. They are a fantastic charity who do so much to help people build better futures.

I completed my first wedding cake order. I was really nervous about this one.  Although I knew I was capable of pulling of the design, I was nervous about doing it with a bad back. It was hard most definitely,  and I spent most of the next day laying down (!) But I made it. I made the really hard decision to pause my cake making business until my back is stronger, so I only have a fee orders this year. It was nice to do some baking, but was also a reminder that im definitely not strong enough to do this full time yet!


My X-ray results came back all clear, which makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I don’t have arthritis in my neck as my doctor suspected, but a little frustrated that I’m not any closer to getting a clear diagnosis 😕

All in all after a busy week my back is feeling very tired, weak and sore. Whilst it’s been physically challenging its been great to be doing stuff again and even more motivation to keep getting better! ☺


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