Feeling grateful

About 10 days ago my family came down with the worst flu ever! It was  absolutely awful and left us all stuck in bed.
Scrolling through my phone one day I came across some old pictures…




These pics are of me in my wheelchair last year. The first picture was my first outting since not being able to walk. I’d just had my first appointment with my chiropractor and after being stuck in bed for over a week, I didn’t want to go back home straight away, so a trip to Sainsburys it was!
I may have been smiling but inside I was scared. At that point I could only take a few steps and was full of pain medication just to do that! I was filled with so much fear at the thought of being like that forever.

Looking back these last 16 months have been incredibly tough. But one thing I can say is that God has blessed me with some amazing people to make this journey easier.
Its funny, people who I assumed would be there to support me haven’t, but I’ve been blessed with friends who have visited me, I have gained a new sister, I’ve had an amazing friend who’s helped me so much with my children.  Ive had people pray for me, I’ve had a family member support me financially to help me get better and two amazing people gifted me a brand new mattress which is working wonders with my back already!


And of course my hubby has been my biggest support and help. He’s done so much to help me, and always tells me I’ll get better 🙂
So as I look back, more than anything I feel grateful. Grateful to have come this far with all the help and support I’ve had,  and of course motivated to keep on going x


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