Missing food!

This week I completed week 2 of DDP Phase 3. I decided to skip phase 2 and move straight onto the hard stuff!

After rereading through the programme guide I realised Arthur (the inspirational guy in the youtube video) actually did phase 3… the guide also describes phase 3 for ‘people who are in need of serious intervention in order to take back their lives and achieve phenomenal results in the shortest period of time’. I want phenomenal results…. I want to be free of back pain… I want to be able to run…. do star jumps, mess around in the park with my kids, play badminton,  be fit, be better. Every workout day this week, what’s got me up and exercising is telling myself ‘you want phenomenal results!’ Its been tough, but I did it. I’m feeling especially achey and in pain today. I haven’t felt this bad for a good while. I think as I’ve increased my workouts I need to decrease the rest of my daily activities (which I didn’t do this week) to allow my body to rest and recover better. Im still positive that I’m moving in the right direction. 

In other news, my digestive system is MESSED UP! Its crazy that even after 2+months of me having no pain killers my body still hasn’t recovered.  Symptoms this week have been indigestion, bloating, stomach pains and constipation (tmi I know lol) I’ve hardly eaten this week and yet for the most part I’ve been so uncomfortable with this, not to mention I look pregnant! 😯 I’ve decided to juice again for a few days to reset my system.  From there I’ll be eating very lightly.

Today I picked up some teas

And some acidophilus and digestive enzymes to try and help my stomach recover.

Im also having aloe vera juice daily (yuk!). I’m really hoping this works… I miss my food!


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