False Expectations

As I was in the kitchen this week, my sons friend came in and asked me about the chart that was stuck on my fridge door. As I glanced over I saw he was asking about the kids’ 5-a-day chart. I put it on my fridge probably 2 years ago, with the greatest intention of tracking daily how much fruit and veg they’d eaten.  A fun healthy activity to do with the kids, right? Yes. Except I never got round to actually doing it.

Each time I cleared the clutter off fridge door, I’d stop myself from throwing it away because I WAS going to do it. As I explained to him what the chart was about, I felt a sense of failure — something else I hadn’t done… and as I stood there, I took the chart of the fridge and left it on the kitchen side (still not ready to throw it away!)

As I carried on in the kitchen, I began to think of all the things I’d planned to do but never got round to doing… the list seemed endless.  Then it dawned on me. Not only was the list endless but also nigh impossible and not really important! It was impossible to cram in all these great activities,  pinterest ideas, courses to study, and other things that came my way.

I realised that I put so many expectations on my self. As a wife,  a home educating mum of 3, and being self employed (all with a bad back!) the list of things to do is already endless, and THEN sometimes, oftentimes we can put more pressure on ourselves by adding unnecessary things to our lists. And when we can’t do them all we feel like a failure.

I decided I needed to declutter. Declutter and get rid of all the stuff I didnt need and get rid of the the things that I’d not got round to doing that weren’t really important.  I decided to focus only on the things that were most important and the goals I really wanted to achieve.  I decided I needed to be kind to myself,  and understand where I’m at in my life now and what I can and can’t do.

Did it really matter that I hadn’t completed the 5 a day fruit and veg chart with the kids? Where they even bothered? No! Needless to say it went in the bin!

Focus on the things that are most important to you, the things you really want to achieve, everything else is irrelevant.
Be kind to yourself xx


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