DDP Yoga week 4


Last week I managed to complete all 4 days of my workout. As tiring as it is its amazing to feel myself getting stronger, fitter and more flexible!
My biggest issue at the moment is not overdoing it, as this is my downfall, leaving tired and in pain. There are so many things i wish i could do, but this journey is not an overnight one and I need to take things slowly so I dont do more harm than good.

Typically I do my workouts in the evenings, but at the end of most days I’m tired or in pain which makes the exercise twice as hard. So this week I’m switching it up and exercising in the mornings. This way I exercise when I have the most energy and if I’m tired after (which I am!) I can’t overdo things for the rest of the day.

I’ve also started intermittent fasting, eating 2 meals between the hours of 12-6. Ive also cut out dairy, gluten and processed foods from my diet.  This seems to be helping my digestive system get the rest it needs.

On to week 5!


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