It is real!


These last few weeks have been tough. I didn’t want to come on here and write a depressing post,  but the reality has been quite depressing actually.

My limited eating has made exercising impossible some days. I have no energy and my muscles are constantly aching. No exercise equals back pain.  Back pain equals back to square one.

Getting help from doctors has been impossible so far. It’s so discouraging to go to someone who is supposed to help you,  to have them not believe you and think it’s all in your head.  My endoscopy that I was pinning my hopes on isn’t scheduled till next year!

I’ve always been someone who was very independent, but now more than ever I could do with some help.  Sadly it just isn’t there.

I’ve started taking some herbs, vitamins and minerals that should help to repair the stomach lining and improve my digestion, and as much as I can I’m continuing with my exercise.

As much as I feel like giving up,  I can’t.  As much as it seems I’m going backwards,  this is just another obstacle I need to overcome.


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