Our home ed life!

The more I get asked about home education,  the more I realise how attitudes are changing.  Ten plus years ago when we made the decision to home ed our then baby, pretty much everyone thought we were crazy! We were mostly met with negative comments telling us our daughter would end up an uneducated recluse!
Nowadays when someone asks the usual “how come the kids arn’t in school?”, I’m usually given a long list of reasons THEY think home ed is great!

Over the years I’ve tried many different methods, routines and curriculums as we’ve gone through different seasons of life (going from one to three children, having babies, toddlers and teens, injury and sickness) and as I’ve worked out what works best for us.

And what works best for us?? Well that’s what I’m going to share with you! I get asked so much what we do, what we learn and what our routine is.

Different things work for different families, but over the years I’ve learnt a lot from other home educators so now its my time to share!

I’m not 100% what I’ll be posting, but it’ll be a mix of projects we’ve done, monthly updates, and reviews of days out, toys and educational resources.

Hope you enjoy!


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