Taking back the reins

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (I’ve said this a few times now!). I’ve kinda been muddling along… no major injuries, but no major improvements with my back either. Just struggling (or hobbling) along!

Everytime I get into a good routine with my exercise – which leads to less back pain, something happens which stops me in my tracks. Whether it be injuring myself, getting sick, or more recently looking after my brother who broke his leg! And… it’s frustrating to be honest. I find once I get out of my exercise routine it’s SO HARD to get back into it. This wasn’t how I envisioned my journey back to health. Probably naively, I imagined it to be all smooth sailing, like on those motivational videos lol but that’s not always how things go.

So here I am.

In 7 weeks our family is going to France. We’re visiting for a fun packed week of a wedding, spending time with family and sightseeing, and whilst I should be excited, if I’m honest I’m worried by the whole thing. This back pain has a way of sapping all the fun out of everything!

…..how will my back hold up?
…..will I be forced to use my wheelchair?
…..will I be stuck in the rental house while everyone is out sightseeing?
…..will I be in a worse condition when we get back home?

Honestly, right now I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but what I do know is that over time I’ve; allowed this back injury to dictate pretty much every aspect of my life…and left me in a place where I’m not confident in anything that I do.

Things have to change.

I have to fight through my feelings of dispondancy and doubt, and push forward with my goals and plans. With my life!

My number 1 health goal at the moment is to be in the best shape possible in 7 weeks time so I can enjoy my holiday as I would like to – active and not in pain.

Setting small goals is the best way at the moment I think to see my progesss, so my goals for this week are to exercise 3 times and to be in bed before 11pm. Sleep is so key in helping the body to recover from injury and I’ve gotten into the habit of going to bed waaay to late.

I’m gonna be posting weekly to keep myself accountable and on track.
So till next week…


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